Musikkbyen Oslo and ULTIMA Oslo Contemporary Music Festival

Did you know that the capital of Norway, Oslo, is also the live music capital of Scandinavia, with an astonishing 4,000 concerts a year? On 28 and 29 August, "Musikkbyen" - German for "City of Music" - and the ULTIMA Oslo Contemporary Music Festival (the largest of contemporary music and related art forms in Northern Europe) will introduce Oslo’s music scene. ULTIMA, formed in 1990, places great importance on the development and renewal of artistic practices, and aims to develop aesthetically pleasing music to as large audience as possible, and host ULTIMA Festival (10 -20 September, 2014, held across several venues in Oslo. This year, ULTIMA is also the host of the Nordic Music Days, the most important meeting of the North European scene for contemporary music. Musikkbyen Oslo is an association of over 70 music institutions in the city, and work with ULTIMA as well as by: Larm and the Øya Festival on their respective renowned music festivals. Musikkbyen also serves as a partner for music business practices such as administration and policy, and with the "MashUp" project promotes innovative startups working at the intersection of technology, music and the creative industries.

Presentation: Lars Petter Hagen, ULTIMA Oslo Contemporary Music Festival

Panel discussion with:

Dr. Thomas Oberender, Berliner Festspiele

Matthias Engler, Musician, Ensemble Adapter

Andreas Engström, Journalist, Nutida Musik,

Lars Petter Hagen, ULTIMA Oslo Contemporary Music Festival

Gregor Hotz, ausland

Moderator:     Björn Gottstein

Music:            Matthias Engler (Ensemble Adpater)