Nordic Music Kids Workshops in July & August

Children and teenagers will feel welcome at Felleshus, the Nordic house in Berlin and will also participate in the PLAY NORDIC music festival.  There will be a specially designed area  with giant tents CLOUDS for children and teenagers to relax, read or listen to Nordic music. Workshops for children and teenagers will be organised in collaboration with Nordic and German artists, and the Berliner Ferienpass  the school holiday passport in Berlin, during the school holidays. All workshops will be in German language.

Sandra Kolstad with workshop and concert for teenagers

Sandra Kolstad, a Berlin based pop/electronic-artist from Norway, will give two workshops for teenagers to discuss pop music, presenting different instruments and genre. The workshop is to practice a song, and to give a little concert for friends and parents to present what they have learned. 

Dates:  Weekend 5 – 6 July, afternoon (3pm-7pm)
Group/age: 15 teenagers each workshop, age 11 – 14


Rebecca Raue & Singing Instruments Workshop for children

We are proud to have the “Singing instruments” from Umeå, the cultural capital of Europe 2014 as a part of PLAY NORDIC exhibition.  For the workshops we will collaborate with several Nordic and German artists. Rebecca Raue, a German artist and pedagogue who has been working with children in many crossover art-projects among others at the Pergamon-Museum and the Neues Museum in Berlin. She will integrate the singing instruments from Umeå in her workshops for younger children. The five workshops are organized in collaboration with Berlin Ferienpass / Berlin Holidaypass.

Dates: every Thursday from 17 July to 14 August, 10:00 to 11:30 am
Group/age: 10 children each workshop, age 8 – 12 

Viktor Orri Árnason & Singing Instruments Workshop for teenagers 
Teaching how to make crossover music 

Viktor Orri is an arranger, violinist and composer from Iceland, and member of Icelandic music award winning bands Búdrýgindi and Hjaltalin, and has been working with artists like Ólafur Arnalds, Gus Gus, Agent Fresco and Árstíðir (Seasons). Viktor Orri will teach participants how to make crossover music. He will give workshops for teenagers with acoustic and electronic instruments and the most innovative technique being used.   The music will be recorded, mixed and published. The five workshops are organized in collaboration with Berlin Ferienpass / Berlin Holidaypass. 

Dates: 5 /7 /8 / 11 / 12 August, 2 – 4:30
Group/age: 10 teenagers each workshop, age 13 – 16 

Registration via Berlin Holiday pass