NORDIC FILM CLUB Summer Special - Gasolin'


DK 2006 | D Anders Østergaard | 92 min. | English subtitles

Documentary with appearances by Kim Larsen, Franz Beckerlee, Wili Jönsson, Søren Berlev

Admission: €5 (reduced €3)

Denmark's undisputed greatest rock band ever, Gasolin' was an uncommonly close-knit collective who spent almost all their waking hours over nine years together, with all the familiarity and friction that entailed. From the outset they were wildly ambitious and even when things failed most miserably, such as the time they tried to conquer America, they never stopped believing anything was possible. Reuniting the band 28 years after their acrimonious break-up, Anders Østergaard's documentary is a portrait of an era, the 1970s, and four distinct characters who defined it.

 Film still © Danish Film Institute