NORDIC FILM CLUB Summer Special - Yoik Fever | Joikefeber

Yoik Fever | Joikefeber

Admission: €5 (reduced €3)

NO 2013 | D Ellen-Astri Lundby | 57 min. | English subtitles

Documentary with appearances by Mari Boine, Johan Sara Jr, Karen Anne Buljo

YOIK FEVER is the story of one young, enthusiastic, urban Sámi girl's captivating journey to find the near-silenced voices of her ancestors through the ancient indigenous art of yoik. Ylva, a young Sámi-Norwegian high school music major is yearning to connect to her heritage through the dwindling Sámi yoik tradition. Ylva makes personal connections to different yoik traditions and meets legends like Mari Boine and Johan Sara Jr. Filmed in an entertaining cabaret-style mash-up of film styles and genres, the film’s ending might leave you with a serious case of yoik fever!