Play Nordic Reading - do you read me?!

do you read me?! is a Berlin based magazine- and bookstore offering a finely selected assortment of titles on design, art, architecture, fashion, photography, cultural matters and society from around the globe. For Play Nordic, do you read me?! has curated a library on current trends in the creative fields of the Nordic countries. 

do you read me?!, located on Auguststrasse 28 in Berlin Mitte, is bursting with magazines and books whilst the Reading Room on Potsdamerstrasse 98 in Tiergarten serves as a space for presentations and exhibitions. A special selection of do you read me?! titles can also be purchased at the Vitra/Artek store at Bikinihaus. 

Reading Room Photo credit: © Achim Hatzius

Reading Room

Photo credit: © Achim Hatzius